Baldy Mountain

            This morning we woke to three additional inches of snow and an updated story in the news about Lonnie Dupre who is attempting the first solo summit of Mt. McKinley in January.  Only 16 men have stood atop the tallest mountain in North America in the dead of winter….


Icecream and Ice: Making Way for New Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are part of what makes this time of year special. The scent of favorite warm-baked cookies fill our kitchens. There is the quest for the perfect Christmas tree, holiday lights to hang, Advent calendars, and children’s Christmas programs to attend.


Finding the Carle Wagon Road

“I followed a crazy man on a horse ride up Hatcher Pass.”

That’s how Susan Dent described our recent ride up the Carle Wagon Road. The purported crazy man was Dick Stoffel, a long-time horseman and backcountry traveler,


Fall Fun in the Pumpkin Patch

It’s the time of year that frost sinks deeper into the ground and parents are looking for Halloween costumes that fit over snowsuits. ‘Tis also the season for carving fall pumpkins.

On a crisp Saturday I brought bright orange pumpkins to my grandchildren’s house to enjoy this autumn ritual.


Fair Bids Farewell to Summer

When I came to work Monday morning, my coworker – who is normally a jocular fellow – growled about his weekend.

“I’m going to make a video of why I hate going to the fair,” he grumbled,


The Joys of Rhubarb

It’s been said that anyone can grow rhubarb, and to be careful where you place the plant since it grows prolifically and lives for a long time. I remember pulling stalks of rhubarb from the garden as a kid. Mom would give us a dish of white sugar and my sisters and I would dunk the end of the stalk before crunching down on its mouth-watering tartness.


July 2011 Llama Drama and Other Hazards of the Trail

On a cool June day, horses and their owners gathered to test their trail savvy at the third annual Extreme Trail Challenge in Peters Creek. No one knew what the bonus challenge would be, but for twenty bucks, riders could choose to make the secret challenge their final obstacle.


May 2011 Parade of Stallions

Long before I had a horse of my own, I looked forward to the Parade of Stallions each year on Mother’s Day. I have pictures of my sons smiling in the backdrop of Pioneer Peak holding their little plastic lunch boxes with the picnic we’d packed for the afternoon.


April 2011 Break-up and Other Signs of Spring

April is that tantalizing month when the days grow longer and the sun’s warmth starts seeping into our bones again. The scent of dirt sends gardeners scurrying for potting soil and seeds. Bits of green grass start pushing their way through the thawing ground.


March 2011

Camp Clean

When I was at hunting camp in the Brooks Range last fall, I came to a new appreciation of a few modern conveniences. While I wouldn’t trade anything for that time in the back country,