The Tyranny of Snow


Another snowfall

Adds to the weight

Of this winter.

Skiing through the marsh,

Slender spruce trees

Bow beneath their burden.

Stooped old women,

Curled into themselves.


Flake by pure-driven flake,

It is not one but the many

Small injustices that

Bend these trees over time.

Break some of them.


How can something light

As a perfect crystal,

Accumulate into

Oppression? Like

Letters, formed into

Words, formed into

Ideas, onerous enough to

Bend low the life beneath them.


A pine grosbeak lands lightly on a

Heavy-laden branch.

Small feet

Disrupt the fragile weave

Releasing an avalanche.

The only sound a

Whispered breath of snow.


Hope comes unexpectedly.

A flutter of wing.

The stir of wind.

A tiny beating heart.




  1. Asta Sourgis on January 31, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    What some of us have been feeling put into a beautiful selection of words. Thank you Kaylene.

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